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He belongs in the class of pigs, which are being used for medical
researches or house pets. These miniature pigs weigh between 22,5 and 68 kilograms.

There are three different color versions: white, pink (like ordinary pig) and black, or the combination of black and white.

They live from 15 to 20 years and they are omnivorous. Sus scrofa domesticus is a pig, which was established in the 1960 when German breeders crossed American and Vietnamese pig, and so they got a pig, called Gottinger pig. Gottinger pigs are slightly heavier but still small in comparison to ordinary pigs, since they weigh 30 to 35 kilograms. Females are slightly smaller and lighter at all three breeds.



(Sus scrofa domesticus)


Sus scrofa domesticus are not susceptible to stress or diseases. They are also not sensitive on cold, while American pigs are more responsive for diseases (mostly parasites). Miniature pigs are very intelligent animals, they are also hypoallergenic and usually coexist well with people, who have allergies on animals, because they have hair not fur. Sus scrofa domesticus are very clean animals as well. Pigs need various mindful activities to maintain their intelligence, if they get bored, they usually start with deviant behavior.


Sus scrofa domesticus does not have any smell and is an extremely clean animal.