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Rhesus macaque belongs to monkeys from the old world
and is one of the most well known species.
They are relatively small monkeys with pink face and long tail.

They live in northern part of India, Vietnam, south part of China and also in Thailand.

The long tail helps them with the balance. Their ability to adopt to the environment is the main reason why this kind of monkeys is very widespread among the world, since we find them also in more highly lying areas in forests. The advantage of macaque is that the infants, only few days old, can swim, which allows them to pass the rivers. They are active night and day. They live on trees, occasionally we can find them also on the ground, looking for juicy fruits.



( Rhesus macaque )


The group of Rhesus macaque consists of 40 members, from which there are 4x more females than males.Females are ruling the group. The infants get their spot in the group considering the status of their mothers. They eat roots, small insects and leaves. They store their food in sacks on the inner side of their cheeks. They do not have any certain period of reproduction. If they have enough food and a shelter, they will reproduce.


Females are gravid for 164 days.