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They live in the middle and southern parts of America.
Nasua nasua is a kind of mixture of a raccoon,
bear and a panda.

They have a long tail and a straight snout with which they dig in the holes for food.

They weigh from 2 to 7,2 kilograms and grow up from 85 to 113 cm, half of that is their tail. They live in forests in groups of 40 or more animals. They live as well on the ground as on the trees. They search for food during the day and at the night, they only rest when it is very hot. Their main food are insects. However, they also like sweets very much, therefore they adore all fruit as well. Sometimes they treat themselves with fresh eggs, bird cubs or even lizards.



( Nasua nasua )


With their long snout they search for food under the leaves, they roll over stones and with their paws they open up logs. They make tender whistling sounds. In case of danger, they set off the alarm with explosive barks and clicking sounds. They all climb up to the half of the tree to look around and after that they hide in the grass. Females have their infants in the caves or in the nest up in the trees. When the infants are 2 months old, the females find the last year’s offsprings.


After mating the group falls apart.