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Vicugna pacos is a domesticated species of South American camel. They are similar to a small lama.
They live in herds, which graze in high mountains of Andes during the whole year.

Alpaca is smaller than lama and in the contrary, they are not being used as work animals.

They also do not spit all over, like lamas do, but however they do spit in order to arrange mutual relationships.They do not spit on humans. Vicugna pacos are calm, herd animals, which need company of their own. Females are acting very protective towards their infants. When smaller intruder shows up, the herd usually runs towards him and scares him away.



( Vicugna pacos )


Alpacas are capable of mating at any time. Females carry their infants for 11 and a half months. It is very interesting that they can delay their labor for almost a year. Their wool comes in various colors, which is excellent for clothes that do not have to be colored. The wool is fine, especially from cubs. Wool under 20 micrometers is the best quality.


Vicugna pacos’ wool is mostly appreciated.